WATCH: Pasaway na anak na ipapatokhang na sana, tumiklop sa sermon ni Raffy Tulfo

We all know for a fact that no mother would ever wish for her children to take a wrong path, so they do whatever they can in order to raise their children with good manners that will get them a long way in life.

A desperate mother seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to convince her son to find a job and fix his life.

According to Mommy Annie, her 27-year-old son Ariel is currently jobless and would often pour his frustration on her and his PWD (person with disability) brother. She added that his prodigal son is also blaming her for why his wife and daughter do not want to stay with him.

Apparently,  Mommy Annie is a single parent and the only one providing for their family since her husband passed away at an early age, making Ariel stay at home doubles his expenses which she could no longer provide.


When the program called Ariel, he explained that he would often quit his job since he would get fed up from 15-minute long travel to work and often got a short budget for his transportation and food allowance.

Mommy Annie also revealed that Ariel would often sell stuff at home like a generator and his motorcycle and does not know where the money goes. When asked if he is using it, Mommy Annie said he is not sure as he has not yet caught Ariel doing it, but if he is, she is willing to surrender him to authorities.

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Idol Raffy then lectured Ariel of the possibilities for him to be, but gave him at least a week to find a job and eventually fix his life.

After a week, Mommy Annie confirmed that Ariel has been busy looking for a job and currently staying at his cousin’s house who is the one helping him to find a job. The cousin also confirmed that Ariel already applied for 3 different jobs and just waiting to be hired.


Watch the full story below:

Panoorin ang naging ending. Magugulat kayo.

Panoorin ang naging ending.Magugulat kayo.#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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