Batang nag-uulam lamang ng toyo at suka na nag-viral, tinulungan ng presidente!

A concerned netizen posted photos of a child in Butuan City who only eats soy sauce and vinegar for lunch which instantly went viral on the internet.

It was Fhieljoy Valdez Caruba who posted the photos of the child on Facebook. He said that he saw the child eating under a tree located at the back of the school. But what was alarming and heartbreaking was that the child only had soy sauce and vinegar partnered with the rice he brought with him.

“Gusto ko lang matulungan ‘yung bata. Gusto ko lang i-share ‘yung nararamdaman ko,” answered Fhieljoy on why he posted the photos.

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The child in the photos is Gitler Yañez, a grade 5 pupil from San Mateo Annex Elementary School.

Gitler said that he only has P5.00 to spend for his food. Since there were no dishes available anymore, he just bought soy sauce and vinegar to at least ease his hunger.

Gitler and his family lived at a patched-up nipa hut at the foot of the mountain. Their house is made up of tarpaulins and they do not have electricity.

Gitler’s father is a baker while her mother does not have any permanent job.

The story of Gitler reached the attention of the president himself. Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, together with Special Assistant to the President, Bong Go, visited Gitler and his family in Butuan City.

Duterte provided the family cash assistance and promised to help find Gitler’s father a regular job. The president also promised to give the family their own house and lot.

“Sana tuparin niya ‘yung pinangako niya para makatapos sa pag-aaral ang mga bata ko,” said Gil Yañez, Gitler’s father.

Fhieljoy gave Gitler and his family grocery items while ABS-CBN gave Gitler a school bag filled with school supplies which he can use for studying, and a box of canned goods to his parents.


People were amazed by Gitler’s perseverance even at his very young age to finish his studies and help his family in the future. Gitler dreams of becoming a police officer someday.

Gitler became an inspiration to other people who do not have the capacity to afford material things due to poverty but still do their best to rise from it and dream for a brighter future.

Netizens saluted the young boy’s perseverance. They also commended the president’s effort to help Gitler’s family.


Source: TNPMedia

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