Dalagita halos mag-agaw buhay matapos mahulog sa dagat kaka-selfie!

Back in the days, our ancestors would have to pose and smile for a couple of minutes to be able to take photos, and it will take them hours or even days before they could see the actual photograph as it is needed to be processed in some laboratories especially made for developing photos.

But due to technological advancement, a photograph is now just one click away using our very innovative smartphones. For several years now, we are already somehow familiar with the word “selfie”.

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A selfie is a term coined by millennials referring to the process of taking photographs by oneself using a smartphone or webcam to which the result is often being shared on social media. Because of the wonders of technology, we no longer need to wait for a few minutes for our photos to be taken as we can just pose, smile, click, and immediately view our selfie shots.

Because of this, it is now easier for us to take advantage of beautiful sceneries and capture the moment even if we are traveling alone. But taking selfies is not always a fun experience just like what happened to this teenage girl who almost faces afterlife due to taking selfies.

According to reports, a 16-years-old girl is aboard a barge from Mukas Port of Kolambugan, Lanao del Norte on its way to Ozamiz City. While trying to take advantage of the breath-taking view of the ocean and taking numerous selfies, the girl, unfortunately, fell off the barge.

The still unidentified girl almost douses herself in the middle of the ocean after losing her balance while taking a selfie.

Good thing, authorities on board immediately notices her and came to her rescue. In some videos going viral on social media right now, it could be seen that some concerned passengers jump off the barge in and swam the ocean to rescue the girl.

After successfully dragging her body back to the barge, they tried performing CPR to the girl whose face is already very pale. After several attempts, it could be seen that the lady is slowly releasing water and little by little coming back to her consciousness.




Watch the videos below:

Isang 16 years old na Babae nahulog sa barge! ayon sa nakasaksi nahulog daw ito dahil sa pagseselfie! Sa mahilig mag selfie ingat po! Nangyari po yan sa Osamiz City..©️ JohnNickyOlinan

Posted by Kabayang Ben on Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Atangi sa TV Patrol North Mindanao.16 anyos nga babaye gi-rescue sa mga crew sa barge nga biyaheng Mukas paingun Ozamiz City.Gi-imbestigahan pa sa Coast Guard ang hitabo kung nahulog o niambak ang babaye.Video Courtesy: Aldrin Brown Mabugnon

Posted by TV Patrol North Mindanao on Monday, October 8, 2018




Hope this incident serves as a lesson to everyone to be extra careful in taking selfies especially in compromising places.


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