Gustong ipasok ng nanay na ito ang anak na sakit sa ulo niya sa Boys Town pero di nila ito tinanggap!

Mothers will do anything for their children to be better. They work harder by getting extra jobs so that they can get more money. They would give the bigger portion of their dinner for them. They will think first of their welfare before their own.

However, mothers are humans too as they have limitations and they can get tired too especially if their children are always linked in troubles in their community.

A mother went to Raffy Tulfo to seek help in entering her son in a Boys Town. For those who are unaware of what is a Boys Town, it is where there’s board and lodging, alternative learning system, and other treatment for neglected and runaway boys.

According to the mother, her son steals food in the community and he once sold all of the metals in their rented apartment in exchange for money and playing computer games at the local computer shops. She told Raffy that they have enough food to eat and he did this out of peer pressure.

The last string for her is when her son was involved in a robbery of a school supply store and it was also out of peer pressure.

The show then called Kim Ortega, an officicer in MSWD Antipolo, to coordinate with the mother in getting her son to a Boys Town. She said the boy is qualified to enter since he had a history of juvenile delinquencies.

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When they went to the CSWD Antipolo, however, their officer Frescian Canlas said the boy is not qualified to enter because he is not facing any legal charge and he was not neglected by her mother.

This caused Raffy to call Frescian and asked why they rejected the boy. Frescian said the boy can be subjected for counselling but Raffy said it is not effective for a kid like the boy. Raffy also said that if the kid’s life was taken away due to juvenile delinquencies, he will blame Frescian. Frescian told Raffy that he already sent a social worker to look after the kid, in which Raffy accepted.

When the social worker visited their home, the boy was not there. The social worker and the mother then searched for the kid until they encountered him on the road. They found out that he threatened his friend’s life and this prompted for the social worker to enter the kid in Bahay Kalinga, in which the mother gladly accepted.


Source: RaffyTulfoInAction

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