WATCH: Lady guard, inireklamo ang asawang babaero at ginawang opisyal ang kanilang paghihiwalay sa programa ni Idol Raffy!

A sobbing lady guard came running to veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo’s program to complain about her husband who she just caught through a malicious text message.

According to Anna Lou Gurango, her husband Joegart, who is also a security guard, has been texting another woman whom he refers to as “baby”. She said she was able to gather enough evidence to prove Joegart’s doing.

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Anna revealed that this is not the first time that Joegart cheated on her, she also caught her sending sweet messages to other girls in the past 10 years of their relationship despite having four kids.

When Joegart learned that Anna came to Tulfo’s show, he immediately followed to fix their issue. He denied Anna’s accusation and explained that the exchange of text messages does not mean anything but just a plain friendly message.

When Raffy Tulfo suggested the couple to just undergo a marriage counseling, Anna refused and said she came to the show to make their separation official and have an agreement with their conjugal properties.

Joegart said he is willing to give the separation that Anna wants as long as she will not drag other people in their issue.

Raffy Tuflo once again attempted to reconcile the couple by encouraging the husband to go near her wife to woo and try to win her back, but Joegart refused the suggestion and revealed that Anna would often nag her every time they fight.


Watch the heartbreaking turnout of events below:


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