WATCH: Babae, inireklamo ang kundoktor ng bus na pinamigay ang kaniyang bagahe na puno ng pasalubong para sa mga anak

Whenever Filipinos travel for a vacation or stay in a place for a long time and eventually went back home, we have this tradition of buying pasalubong or a souvenir gift for our loved ones. We religiously save up money in order to buy pasalubong as our way of making our loved ones feel that we think of them even if we are away.

Pasalubong can range from a keychain, ref magnet, and best-selling food up to luxury items that are worth a thousand bucks and we make sure to keep it safe as soon as we land in our destination to make our loved ones happy as they welcome us back home.

But how would you feel if your hard-earned pasalubong box will suddenly go missing? This is the ordeal faced by one bus passenger who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about a provincial bus conductor who handed her pasalubong baggage to a different passenger.

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According to Michelle De Guzman, she took Eagle Star Bus from Manila to Eastern Samar and placed her bag containing pasalubong worth P10, 000 to P15,000 at the bus’ compartment as instructed by the bus conductor.

However, she was only given a ticket instead of a claim stub for her baggage which should be the protocol of any bus company. Upon arriving at Eastern Samar, her bag containing pasalubong is no longer in the compartment.

Apparently, the bus conductor handed it to a different passenger who went off the bus earlier than Michelle. The bus conductor then forced to give her another bag which is not hers.

When Michelle asked the bus conductor to help her find her lost baggage, the latter just gave her P90 transportation allowance so she could look for it by herself.



Because of this, Tulfo slammed and lectured Eagle Star Bus management for their negligence. Watch the full story below:



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