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In a relationship, it is not always rainbows and butterflies, there will come a time that both of the couples will lose the spark they have for each other as the years goes by. But it doesn’t mean that one should look for it through a third party and forget about the love they have for their spouse.

It is really up to the couple to keep the fire burning in order to work things out, every couple should be reminded to go back to the days when they are still in awe of each other and make it a point to revive those moments as they grow old together.

A fed-up wife seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband who is not just giving them enough financial support but also does not stop looking and playing around with different women.

According to Annita Certeza, her 61-year-old husband is still acting like a bachelor and would often check out younger woman even on social media.

On top of that, Pancho would just give P250 daily allowance for her and their 15-years-old grade 9 student son.

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When the program called Pancho, he said that he also pays for their son’s tuition fee on top of the P250 daily allowance for Annita and son’s food and other expenses.

When Tulfo suggested increasing the allowance to P500, Pancho said he could no longer give it since he only generates P3, 000 income every 15 days.


When Pancho agreed to increase the daily allowance to P300, Annita also complained about Pancho’s lack of intimacy when they are together, she also revealed that Pancho is always playing badminton with his side-chick and does not even allow her to watch the game.

But Pancho argues that his lack of romance is due to Annita’s being nagger not just to him but also their children.

Because of this, Tulfo advised Pancho to give his wife enough attention, care, and intimacy to avoid nagging and have a harmonious relationship at home.



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