Grupo ng Aetas, inireklamo ang Philippine Air Force dahil sa panggugulo sa kanila sa sarili nilang lugar!

A group of native Aetas from Capaz, Tarlac took it to themselves to rent a bus so that they could all go to the public service program of Raffy Tulfo and complain about the special unit of Philippine Air Force who were allegedly hounding them at their own place.

The Aetas are settling at the Camp Colonel Ernesto Ravina Airbase (CERAB) at Sta. Juliana, Capaz, Tarlac where the Special Operations Wing (SPOW) of Philippine Air Force (PAF) were said to be continuously hounding and intimidating them. One of the natives said that it started back in 2015 with PAF’s “no permit, no entry” policy. But even though they have permits to show, PAF was still able to hold them off in their checkpoints.

Until Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told them that they had to be relocated and reasoned out that they only started coming and living there during the year 1992. But the native said that he was born at the place in 1976.

Tulfo asked what the current situation is. According to the native, the PAF were claiming 17,000 hectares of the land as a military reservation to which a gate was built to stop and block the Aetas’ materials which they wished to bring inside the camp.

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He said that the situation is also a problem even for the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Department of Public Works and Highways because they were planning to construct school buildings inside the camp to which the PAF also hinders.

Tulfo called Col. Gerry Zamudio, Asst. Chief of Air Staff for Civil Military Operations of PAF to discuss the matter.

Zamudio said that the Crow Valley (other term for CERAB) is declared as a military reserve area pursuant to the Presidential Proclamation 163 made by former president, Fidel V. Ramos, that is why the PAF were allowed to occupy the place.

Tulfo said that since the Presidential Proclamation was made back during Ramos’ regime, it could be override by a new one. He said that President Rodrigo Duterte could issue another proclamation that could state that the area be given back to the Aetas.

Tulfo contacted Reynaldo Catacutan, the Mayor of Capaz, Tarlac, to hear his side. According to Catacutan, even before the Americans came, the Aetas were already residing the area. The PAF started to occupy the area by 1992 but during those times, they were not strict and even help the Aetas through medical missions and constructing buildings for them. The situation only became problematic when the SPOW came.

Watch the full video here and find out the resolution to the situation.

Mga kawawang Katutubong Aeta, hindi pinapayagang makapasok sa kanilang lugar sa Tarlac ng Philippine Air Force. Idol Raffy to the rescue!!!

Mga kawawang Katutubong Aeta, hindi pinapayagang makapasok sa kanilang lugar sa Tarlac ng isang special unit ng Philippine Air Force. Idol Raffy to the rescue!!!#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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