Hurricane Michael, sinalanta ang malaking bahagi ng Florida!

Florida Panhandle was devastated by strong rains and winds and flooding after Hurricane Michael made a landfall in Mexico Beach, Florida.

Michael was said to be the most powerful hurricane to ever hit Florida’s panhandle which left massive destruction and endangerment of the residents’ lives. The wind brought by the hurricane reached 250 kilometers per hour. Though the power of the hurricane was constantly weakening, the Southeast still was not able to get away with heavy rains, blustery winds, and spinoff tornadoes.

According to the reports, two people was already gone because of the hurricane, both caused by fallen trees. The rescue team was expected to inspect the affected areas for more casualties.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami reported that the eye of Hurricane Michael was about 40 kilometers, east of Macon in Central Georgia last Thursday at around 2:00 AM. It had reached a maximum of sustained winds of 96 kilometers per hours and was moving towards the northeast at a speed of 32 kilometers per hour.

The destruction caused by the hurricane in Panama City was really severe. Trees, power lines, and street signs tumbled down and laid everywhere. Houses were also affected as the roofs were sent flying and the fallen trees cause other residences to split open.
According to the reports, more than 380,000 homes and businesses lost power at the height of the storm.

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The 29-year old, Vance Beu, shared his experience during the storm. He was staying with her mother at her home in Spring Gate Apartments, a complex of single-story wood-framed buildings. Because of the hurricane, the residents were forced to pile up mattresses around themselves for protection. He said that the weather was really terrifying and the roar of the winds sounded like a jet engine.

“It was terrifying, honestly. There was a lot of noise. We thought the windows were going to break at any time,” Beu said.

Sally Crown, another resident, was devastated as she sees the café she was managing as a complete destruction.

“Catastrophic. There’s flooding. Boats on the highway. A house on the highway. Houses that have been there forever are just shattered,” Crown said.

According to some sources, the hurricane moved so fast that the people did not have time to prepare for the upcoming devastation. The emergency authorities said that people might have ignored the warning signs of an upcoming storm.

Take a look at this video which showed how severe Hurricane Michael was.

Catastrophic damage in Mexico Beach, Florida

CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE – Panhandle residents riding out the storm are seeing massive flooding and widespread devastation in Mexico Beach, Florida, where Hurricane Michael made landfall this afternoon.LATEST:

Posted by WSVN-TV on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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