PANOORIN: Raffy Tulfo, binigyan ang isang matandang mag-asawa ng bagong pedicab!

An old couple went to the public service program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help regarding their pedicab or padyak which got stolen.

Antonio Palao and his wife, Lourdes Palao were emotional as they narrated what had happened. Even at his late age, Antonio still drive a pedicab which serves as the couple’s only source of income.

According to the story of Tatay Antonio, it was his passenger who stole his pedicab. The passenger promised him that he will pay PHP150 to drive to where his kalakal was and pick it up along the way to which the old man agreed to. After they reached where the kalakal was supposed to be, the passenger asked Antonio to leave his pedicab for a while to help him pick-up his kalakal.

Antonio followed his passenger but after a while, the passenger was nowhere in sight. When he returned to where his pedicab was, it was already gone too.

He said that he does not know who the passenger is, but he could still remember his face.
Tulfo then interviewed the couple about their everyday life. Antonio said that his job as a pedicab driver is the only thing that keeps him physically strong despite his old age. He earns PHP200 at most per day from his 9AM to 12PM and 2PM to 5PM trip around Avenida. But now that his pedicab, together with his other things stored in it is gone, they have lost their only source of living.

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Through further questions, Tulfo was able to know the story of the old couple. According to Antonio, Lourdes is his second wife and they only got married last 2016, despite being together for almost 20 years, through a kasalang bayan.

Lourdes has five children from her former husband while Antonio has two, but none of them lives with the couple. He also said that they only live at a small space at the far end of Caloocan City and has no electricity.

Tulfo said that they would first undergo the long process of tracking down the person who stole Antonio’s pedicab. But if they failed to find it, Tulfo promised the old man that he would buy him a new pedicab.

He also suggested that if possible, he would just give them another source of income like a sari-sari store or an eatery so Tatay Antonio would not have to leave their house and work as a driver which is harder because of his old age.

But the couple said that it would be impossible to build a store or an eatery at their place because there is no space and their house is near the river.

In the end, Tulfo promised to give him a new pedicab and a new phone, and provided him with some money they could spend while his pedicab is still being made.
Watch the couple’s heartwarming story here.

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