Shoplifter sa Ultimart, San Pablo City, nahuli at kinaladkad ng mga security guards!

People have different reasons on why they commit offenses, but at the end of the day, offenses are still offenses and it corresponds to serious consequences. Just like what happened to this man who decided to shoplift from a mall in San Pablo City.

A netizen named Neil Mendez posted a video on Facebook which showed a video of a shoplifter being apprehended by the authorities with a caption, “Shoplifter sa Ultimart, San Pablo City. Baka po kilala niyo. P.S. ‘Wag tularan.”

The young man which is the perpetrator was caught stealing from one of the clothing stores inside the premises of Ultimart. Fortunately, he was immediately apprehended by the security guards and marshals around the area and was dragged back to the store where he stole the items.

Four men were escorting him and holding him down while dragging him around the mall. The perpetrator was struggling to set himself free. His clothes were already disheveled due to the constant pulling and stretching of the men apprehending him.

He was brought inside the department store and in one of the fitting rooms. Because of his constant struggling, the security guard punched him in the stomach.

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The man immediately dropped to the ground due to the pain caused by the hard blow on his stomach.

They forced him to stand up and dragged him inside the fitting room to remove the articles of clothing he shoplifted. The young man started crying and even asked the person documenting the incident to stop filming.

It already seemed like the shame and the possible consequences of what he had done was slowly dawning down on him. He even tried to cover his face by ducking into his knees, but the marshals pulled his head up so the camera could get a closer look at his face.

When the young man entered the fitting room, he was asked to take out the items he stole. He immediately pulled out a pair of shorts inside his own shorts and gave it to the security guards.
The marshal looked at the item’s price tag and saw that it was worth at least PHP1000.

He threatened the young man that he had to pay for it with its price being multiplied by 100, in addition to him being sent behind bars.

The young man looked horrified and begged for them to just set him free given that the item was already returned. But the authorities showed no mercy on him.

Watch the full video here:

Shoplifter sa ultimart san pablo city. Baka po kilala nyo. P.s wag tularan.

Posted by Neil Mendez on Thursday, October 11, 2018

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Source: tnpmedia, Facebook 

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