Ama, inireklamo ang dating kinakasama ng kanyang anak na ayaw tumigil sa pambabastos sa kanilang pamilya!

Rene Ramos resorted to the program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about July Cajilig, the former live-in partner of his daughter, Regina, who constantly ruins the reputation of their family, in addition to him threatening them.

Rene was able to provide printed proofs of July’s interaction with Rene’s relatives, wife, and her daughter’s friends. According to Rene, July was sending them lewd photos and videos saying that it was Regina along with threatening messages. He even called Rene just so he could say something bad at him. Recently, July texted him, pretending to be a police officer who was inviting him at their precinct.

Tulfo contacted July Cajilig to take his side. He denied that whatever Rene was saying is not true. Tulfo said that Rene was able to provide proof of his messages to the members of the family. July admitted that he really did say those things.

Tulfo reprimanded him and told him to stop what he was saying. He also threatened July that he himself would do the necessary actions to put him where he deserves to be.

Tulfo let July and Rene talked to each other.

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Based on their conversation, a problem regarding the custody of July and Regina’s child sprung alongside their personal conflict. Rene said that the problem was only between him and Regina, and everyone tried to do their best to stay out of it. But July took it to social media to let other people know the conflict between their families. He even involved other people who should not be involved in the first place.

Rene told July that their child was just waiting for him to visit. He said that he was welcome to go to their house and visit his child, but it was July who refused to do so.

According to Rene, July also refused to send financial support to his child just because he claims that Regina had another affair. Rene said that it is fine if July does not care for Regina anymore, but it is still his obligation to support his child.

Tulfo then contacted Regina about the matter. She said that the all the problems started when she decided to leave July because of his bad behavior. Regina said that July hurt her to the point of even attempting to end her life.

Tulfo assured them that they would seek help from the police and would do the necessary actions regarding July’s case.


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