Babae, inireklamo ang lalaking nakabuntis diumano sa kanya na ayaw siyang panagutan!

A woman named Mary Grace Arena sought help from the program of Raffy Tulfo to talk to his former boyfriend who denies having her child.

Mary Grace is already pregnant for nine months now and she claims that it was her former boyfriend, Melvin Jay Macaraeg, who was the father of her child, but the latter believes that it was not his.

Tulfo called Melvin to ask if he knew Mary Grace to which he responded yes. He also said that he was aware that Mary Grace is pregnant and was claiming that her baby was his. He already asked her to go back home to Manila but Mary Grace refused. Melvin still denies that the child was his.

Melvin said that they met around February. Mary Grace told him that she was a virgin. But after they did the ‘deed,’ she later on admitted that she had been with another man. Later on, they found out that Mary Grace was already pregnant. She had an ultrasound on April 11. The result stated that she was already 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant during that time, thus, she was already pregnant during the month of January.

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Mary Grace denied what Melvin said saying that her period ended on January 23 and she visited and did the ‘deed’ with Melvin on January 31.

Tulfo asked how the two of them met. She said that they were talking through text and through Facebook for five months before they decided to meet up.

Tulfo told Melvin that he should own up to what he did. Melvin said that when Mary Grace visited him in Nueva Ecija, she already brought with her a bunch of things. When he asked why she brought a lot, she said that she will be moving in with him to which he immediately refused. He sent Mary Grace back home, but after a few months, she came back pregnant saying that she has nowhere else to stay because her aunt, who owns the place where she was staying, evicted her.

Melvin again reasoned out that another man, named Reniel, picked Mary Grace up when she was already in Nueva Ecija. He claims that Mary Grace and the man had been together for months. But Mary Grace again denied that the two of them had a relationship nor something had happened between them.

To solve the problem, Tulfo said that they would just sponsor a DNA testing to confirm whether Melvin was indeed the child’s father.


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