Kaibigang hindi pinautang, may gana pang magalit nang tumanggi ang inuutangan!

A woman tried to loan some money from her friend. However, her reaction was shocking—and infuriating—when the latter refused to lend her some.

A netizen named Joy Cruise posted on Facebook a conversation between her and her so-called friend. Based on the screenshots, it seemed like the two have not been in contact for a long time since the contact number of Joy’s friend was not saved on her phone. Her friend also had to introduce herself first before Joy figured out who texted her.

At first, the friend attempted to engage Joy in a small talk by asking how she had been. After a while, the friend apologized for not paying a previous loan from Joy which dated back to 2017. She then promised to pay Joy at the end of the month.

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The friend thanked her for replying to her text. She shared that her problems are gradually piling up and she had no one to run to. She was thankful that at least Joy was there for her.

She then proceeded to asking Joy if she could, again, borrow some money from her because she does not have anyone else to borrow from.

Joy immediately said that she too does not have any money to lend to her. But her friend still insisted and begged her to lend her some. What surprised her was the huge amount that her friend was asking from her. According to her friend, she needed PHP 65,000 which she promised to also pay at the end of the month.

Joy did not expect that her friend would ask that big amount of money from her. For a while, one might think that maybe there was some kind of serious emergency. She then asked what the money was for. Her friend told her that her group of friends were planning to go on a trip and she wanted to join them.

Joy was appalled by her friend’s petty reason of borrowing that huge amount of money. She told her that she can only lend her at least PHP 50, but PHP 65,000 is such an absurd amount.

Aside from that she also has the audacity to borrow a dress from Joy after seeing that she just ordered from an online shop.

She insisted but Joy was firm in saying that she would not give her any. The friend then told her that she was being selfish and even called her “maldita.” The nerve!

See their whole conversation here.



Source: Updatedtayo

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