Netizen, ibinahagi ang kanyang karanasan nang matulungan ang isang amang napilitang mamalimos para sa anak

A netizen named Jaive Joseph Roble shared his experience helping a man who was forced to ask strangers for alms just to buy milk for his baby. According to his narrative, he encountered a father in need last Friday when he was on his way home. They crossed paths along intersection and that was when the man poked him and asked him if he had PHP 10 in him.

“Kuya, baka may PHP10 ka. Dagdag lang sana sa pambili ng gatas ng anak ko,” said the man.

Jaive easily felt pity towards the man and tried to contain his emotions while talking to him.

The man told him that he is not a bad person and has no plan on wanting to be sent behind bars because no one will take care of his family.

“Kanina pa po ako paikot-ikot sa constructions sites para makapasok kaso wala pa hong swerte,” the poor stranger said.

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The man also said that his wife did not know that he was asking people for alms just to provide food and milk for their children. He said that he and his wife could endure and survive even by just eating salt and vinegar, but their children cannot do the same so he tried to ask for help from the people that passed by him.

Jaive asked the man what milk does he need to buy for his children.

“‘Yung baby, Sir, Nestogen. ‘Yung PHP160 lang po, pwede nang pang-dalawang araw. ‘Yung 3 years old ko naman po, Bear Brand. Nakabili na po ako ng diapers, Sir. Heto, kinapos lang po talaga,” answered the father while showing his remaining money of PHP150.

Jaive thought of just giving the man enough money and leaving right away. But he later on decided to just buy the necessities that the man’s children need since they were already near Market Market.

He asked the man to come with him inside to which the latter responded, “Naku, Sir. Baka hindi ho ako papasukin.”

Jaive assured him that he got his back.

“‘Wag ka mag-alala. Pinagtagpo tayo ng Diyos ngayong araw. Magkapatid tayo. Ako bahala sa’yo! Hindi gaanong marami pera ko pero halika,” Jaive said.

They went inside the grocery store to look for the things that the father needs. He decided to buy the much larger packs of milk so they could last longer. He also bought some chicken, liver, and ground meat for the man.

The man was so grateful and continuously thanked Jaive for his good deed.

“Darating din ang panahon, Sir, magkikita tayo ulit. Ako naman manlilibre sa inyo!” the man promised.

At the end of his post, he also thanked the man whose name is Jerick Reyes for inspiring him.

As of writing, the posts already got 728k likes and reactions, and 220k shares from the netizens.


Source: Facebook, Updatedtayo

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