Anak, pinangaralan ang amang hindi nagpakita sa kanya sa loob ng 16 na taon!

Ryan Gaffud went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help in meeting his father who left them before he was born.

Ryan said that even before he was born, his father already left them as he went to Saudi Arabia to work. As he grow older, his family refused to tell him what really happened to his father. Instead, his relatives told him that his father is already gone. Ryan believes that his relatives are not telling the truth because there is no evidence stating that his father is no longer living. His mother, however, told him that his father was still in Saudi.

But recently, he and his mother went to his grandfather’s house. His grandmother was also there and she was the one who told Ryan that he has other two siblings from his father’s side, and they are currently residing in Cotabato, with his father’s new partner.

Fortunately, he was able to finally see and talk to his father, who is indeed still alive, personally during their family reunion.

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“Nag-bless lang po ako tapos hindi niya po ako tinitingnan kasi talagang naka-steady lang po siya,” Ryan narrated.

He said that his father might have felt guilty for all the years he spent away from him that is why he could not look him in the eyes.

Ryan admitted to feeling disappointed on how his father treated him the first time they saw each other. His father did not bother to show his affection and longing even through a simple embrace.

He said that they talked but only for a brief moment. His father just asked how is he and his mother were doing, but his father never mentioned what happened to him during the years he was away.

Tulfo contacted Ronald Gaffud, Ryan’s father, who is currently somewhere in North Cotabato.


Ronald said that Ryan did not talk much during their first meeting. Tulfo emphasized that he should be the one initiating the conversation between him and his son because he was the one who left.

Tulfo asked Ronald the real reason why he and Ryan’s mother separated in the first place. Ronald said that it was because he was not able to provide enough support to his former wife while he was abroad.

Tulfo told him that Ryan wanted to see him again and hopefully, asked him for financial support for his study.

Ronald said that the only problem is that he does not earn much from being a farmer. But he has no problem in meeting his son once again.



Watch the full video of the father and son confrontation:

Tatay, natakot sa hinihinging pera, nagtatago na!!!

Tatay, natakot sa hinihinging pera ng anak kaya nagtatago na!!!#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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