Nakakatawa pero medyo “hard” na mensahe ng signage ng isang jeep, inulan ng batikos ng netizens!

Nowadays, the standard of beauty is getting higher and tougher especially that the media is bombarding us with images of beautiful and almost perfect women as the measurement of being beautiful. Media often suggests that being beautiful means having fair white and poreless skin, having a slender body, buying into the latest fashion trend, and having the latest gadget in town even if you can’t really afford it.

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Because of this unrealistic standard of beauty, people are having two reactions, first is having a low self esteem and looking at themselves as ugly and not accepted by the society, and second, feeling like they have to step up, try hard and do everything in order to fit the norm and be considered as beautiful. Either way is both negative and should not be done because instead of being sorry for ourselves of trying hard to be beautiful, we should accept and celebrate our own kind of beauty and remember that beauty comes from within.

That is why netizens outraged when a photo of a somehow discriminating signage recently went viral on social media.

Public utility jeepneys are one of the main modes of transportation in the Philippines, most Filipinos would not be able to reach their destination without riding our very own local jeepney which is considered as the “hari ng kalsada” due to the number of jeepneys all over the country.

Jeepneys are so many that they are always crowding the major roads even if they do not have enough passengers, that is why they are also doing some marketing strategies in order to attract more passengers to opt to ride their vehicle instead of other regular jeepneys.

There are some who installs a television, Karaoke, and even have WiFi on board just to attract passenger. But this signage of a certain jeepney which photo is now going rounds on social media drew mixed reaction from commuters. The jeepney signage says:

Ang maganda sa kanan,
Ang cute sa kaliwa,
Ang sexy sa harap,
Ang pangit wala ng upuan, kaya kung pwede sumabit na lang!”

Aside from commuters, netizens also expressed their mixed reaction on the said signage, some seem to support the humor of the message while others suggest that it is not good and discriminating not-so-good looking people.

Read some of their comments below:







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