PANOORIN: Magkakaibigan, naghanda ng kakaibang presentasyon bago ihatid ang kanilang kaibigan sa huling hantungan

It’s sad that nowadays, people would only remember you when you are already gone and will pay respect to your remains during your funeral service rather than make an effort to see you while you were still living.

When a person passed away, all of his/her friends that are not often around would start flocking in your house and say good things about you, but they were not there when you are still alive and able to hear those words.

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But not all interment service is filled with an unusual group of people, some are also filled with loving family and friends who are really there to be with you during your last minutes on earth.

In this age and time, gone are the days when people spend a solemn mourning event during memorial service, throughout the years the people’s attitude towards bereavement has drastically changed and one of the proofs of this extreme change is the recent memorial service wherein the lifeless loved one was sent to his final resting in the most unique way.

When we drive our loved ones to their final resting place, we are used to having a solemn ceremony complete with mellow background music that will surely make us reminisce and cry. But this memorial service broke this tradition after the friends of the deceased prepared a one-of-a-kind presentation as they accompany him to his entombment.

In the video going rounds on social media right now, at least four girls wearing black shirt could be seen dancing to the tune of an upbeat music blasting from a car stereo behind them.

At first, it could be seen that the ladies are very energetic in swaying their hips and grooving to the music, but as soon as the camera showed their faces, it could be noticed that they are not sporting a facial expression that would match their moves.

The moment you see them you will initially think that these dancing girls are like grieving and dancing at the same time, well yes, they actually are. Apparently, this group of friends prepared a groovy dance number to commemorate their friend’s loss.

Although it is not clear if this dance number is something that the late friend requested, it is only clear that true friends will do everything in order to make you happy even if it already your last days on earth.





Watch the video below:

วัยรุ่นแดนซ์ส่งเพื่อนขึ้นสวรรค์ งานเผาศพ

วัยรุ่นแดนซ์ส่งเพื่อนขึ้นสวรรค์ งานเผาศพ

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