Sekyu, inireklamo ang kanyang security agency; Amo, sinabing siya’y nagsisinungaling lang!

Last October 9, Loid Portugal, a newly-hired security guard, went to Ben Tulfo’s Bitag-Kilos Pronto to complain about the J. Cañizarez Security and Investigation Agency.

According to Portugal’s story, he was put on a duty as a reliever last September 13, despite having no license yet. He said that there was a man riding a motorcycle who parked in front of him while he was on post.

The unknown man approached him and showed his police ID. He was asked to produce his license, agency, and security permit, but he was not able to do so. With this, the police officer confiscated his gun, and the agency wants Portugal to pay for it.

Aside from this, he was put on duty without having any training yet nor knowledge about handling a service firearms since it was just his first week as a newly-hired security guard. Tulfo found out that not only that the gun was confiscated, but also his motorcycle.

The day after Portugal’s interview, the Bitag-Kilos Pronto Team together with the Novaliches Station 4 Police went to the said security agency.

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The husband and wife owners of the agency confronted Portugal which led to a very heated encounter.

Jun and Vilma Cañizares, the owners, was invited to the program for a supposedly face-to-face confrontation with Portugal, but the latter did not show up nor even answered his phone.

According to Vilma, whatever Portugal was saying regarding having no training at all is not true because when he applied under their agency, he was complete with all his requirements and files and had actually been a security guard at a mall beforehand, thus, he already had undergone the necessary trainings and examinations needed for his job.

Aside from this, it was Portugal who asked them to set him on duty after being hired a week ago, so the owners let him attend the post at Home Depot at 7:00 PM. He had his licensed gun with a holster issued by the agency and he was in uniform.

Around 11:00 PM, Jun’s security officer reported what had happened to Portugal, and they immediately went to the place to talk to him. Jun doubted what Portugal was saying because if it was indeed a police officer, then it is not right for him to confiscate the licensed gun in the guard’s holster.

Portugal told Jun that he already filed the incident on the police blotter, which means that he left his post unattended.

Watch the full video here and find out the real story.

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