SPO4, pinipilit na pag-aregluhin ang may-ari ng kotse at ang karnaper nito!

Rosemarie Curato went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help regarding the carnapping incident she got in. According to Rosemarie, the perpetrator who stole her car was already turned over to the Highway Patrol Group Crame, yet her car was still not in her possession. She wanted to know what are the necessary requirements that she needed to get her car back.

Tulfo contacted SPO4 Wilfredo Costo of HPG, Impounding Crame to ask what should be done in the case of Rosemarie.

SPO4 Costo said that Rosemarie need to file and submit some documents for verification in order for the officials to make a release form for her car. He said that the duration of the process varies depending on the situation. He said that the minimum amount of time would be one week.

Costo assured that the car was not used and was still kept safe in their office.

Tulfo stated that they had receive countless complaints about the same situation saying that the officials intentionally make the process longer because the car was in the personal possession of the other officers and is being used as a service or for other personal use.

Tulfo threaten the SPO4 that if something happened to the car, the officer would be the one held liable for it. Costo responded that there would be no problem.

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But Rosemarie on the other hand said that SPO4 Costo told her to settle things with Edwin Tamayo, the carnapper. She said that the SPO4 asked her to withdraw the charges against the perpetrator.

Tulfo told Costo that it’s not his job to meddle with the affair of the complainant and the carnapper. He does not have the right to force the complainant to settle things with the person who stole her car.

Costo implied that he did offered the two parties that kind of agreement, but he does not force them to comply to that.

Tulfo stated that the right thing to do is to apprehend the perpetrator and not entertain his demands for an agreement.

Tulfo contacted Chief Supt. Roberto Fajardo, the director of HPG, to ask for assistance regarding the matter. Fajardo told them to go to his office to further investigate the problem.

The program team accompanied Rosemarie to the headquarter of HPG.

Rosemarie narrated what had happened and how SPO4 Costo handled the situation.

Source: Youtube

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