Lalaki Gustong Paghatihatian ang Jackpot Prize at Makatanggap Ng Isang Milyong Piso

Bayanihan is a very lovely concept and a trait carried carefully by the Filipinos. We also try to do what is best for our country men and put each other’s welfare in our priorities. When the jackpot prize for the Ultra Lotto 6/58 reached its peak, a number of people got greedy but there are also a few kind hearted people who tried to amend bigger issues such as poverty.

Many netizens got tricked by the thought but even so, it’s reassuring to know that there are still Filipinos who think of the monetary situation of each family regardless of our current economy.

We know that the Jackpot Prize for the Ultra Lotto 6/58 has peaked a couple of days ago before two lucky people won it. The amount reached a massive sum of 1,026,264,340.00 pesos. It’s reached over a billion pesos and many people ran their different crazy ideas with what they could do and wish to do with tha amount of money. The possibilities are endless! This person however offered a somehow off chance but a good thought regardless on Facebook.

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Twitter User Axx uploaded a picture on Facebook suggesting to PCSO that they simply just donate 1 Million Pesos to every family in the Philippines because if one searches for our current population online, they would see that the Philippines consists of 106,933,552 people.

“It’s not even half the jackpot prize, maybe this is the answer to poverty plus you’re able to save the rest of the money.” he added.

But if you give it much thought that idea sounds very, very wrong. It turned out that the twitter user had miscalculated his whole grand idea because some people did the math, and if you multiply our population by a million it certainly isn’t even a fraction of the Lotto grand prize, not even ten of those. In reality, if divded within the whole population of the Philippines after the tax which is 20% by the way, has been deducted—we would have more or less only a peso to receive. And what’s the point of winning the lottery if all you get is something you can pick up from the road or is a fraction of your earning? We aren’t saying a peso isn’t much, but next to a billion pesos… it’s a different story.


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Source: Helloging

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