Bagong Terminal sa Paranaque, Mukhang Airport at world class ang ganda!

The heavy traffic in EDSA could easily be one of the most difficult and challenging parts of life in the metro. It is a big hindrance to many of us who are rushing to work and trying to meet deadlines, commuting was never invented to be a 4 hour task especially when the destination should only be an hour away. But traffic can be pretty gruesome and it also poses a number of health problems to the people.

However, the government doesn’t seem to shove off different and many ideas to solve these problems. Under the current administration, main highways along with multiple service roads have been fixed and given smoother surfaces that benefit many of its commuters. In addition, a land transport terminal has been built to avoid passengers going in various terminals in Manila. This is called the PTIX.

If you’re asking what it is, or what it means, it is short for the “Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange” and it is the first ever land port in Manila that caters routes going from and to Cavite, Batangas and Manila respectively.

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This is one of the many solutions and projects of the Department of Transportation to ease the gruesome traffic that people experience daily. The PITX allows commuters to choose from a variety of vehicles including buses, vans, jeepneys and also UV Express vans.

The whole system aims to implement an exclusive terminal that would ease and hopefully help solve the big Manila traffic problem that has been burdening several of its commuters. Added to that, it is also targeted to lessening the loading and unloading of transport vehicles to any place. A big contributing factor to traffic is the ability of several jeepneys to stop at any point in the road just as long as someone asks the driver to stop.

The PITX is new and technologically advanced as it has airport-like features, airconditioned all throughout and also boasts of charging stations for the convenience of people who are waiting in line. The terminal is even equipped with prayer rooms for those who wish to say a little prayer before going on transport. In line with the charging station, the PITX also has free limited wifi to its commuters to help them ward off boredom or proceed with their tasks from work. However they deem fit. The place has an arrival and departure area and also offers luggage carts. It really is just like an airport!

The best part? The fare is standard and asks no additional cost!



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