OFW Humihingi Ng Saklolo Pagkatapos Maltratuhin Ng Amo.

Many Filipinos seek to find jobs outside of the Philippines with the hope of having a better opportunity at a life that lets us breathe easily away from the economy and poverty of being in a third world country. We are also very aware that many of these overseas Filipino workers are prone to be taken advantage of because they often have the stigma that should be erased once and for all. Unfortunate events happen, that is true but sometimes we could be responsible for them too and it is always best tread the waters lightly.


On a recent post, a female OFW has asked the help of several netizens online after she got maltreated by her employer. She was allegedly stifled and that her employer has had thrown his fists at her as well.

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That could be distress many others, but it was later revealed by a different Facebook user that the woman who sought help did a mistake to trigger such a reaction from her employer.

The caption read “Paalala po sa lahat ng nanghihingi ng tulong. Hindi sa lahat ng oras pwede po nmin kayo tulungan lalo ganito kaso kasalanan natin kung bakit tyo sinasaktan, kinulong at napapahamak sa amo. Imbes na magwork tayo wala ginawa kundi selfie at video ng sexy nating katawan.Tapos pag nahuli ni amo nagvivideo at hihingi ng tulong alam po natin bawal without permission sa amo ang pag picture sa lahat ng parte ng bahay kahit amo at anak.”

In the photos uploaded by the netizen, several photos taken during different times revealed that the initial woman who had asked for help took photos in the living room among other parts of the house in several different occasions.

To further that, the woman has shared the photos for public viewing giving everybody the access to view it. Apparently, it was part of the house rules for her not to take photos of herself in the house which she is in clear violation of. To worsen things, she was wearing clothes that did not cover herself up fully, which is considered very disrespectful for the foreign and conservative country that she lives in, a country whose policies with women’s clothings are vastly strict.

Although she has made a mistake, nothing could have warranted such a volatile reaction from her employer however as it is never the proper solution or reaction to resolving things, even when she has had her fair share of mistakes.


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To: Philippine Consulate Jeddah KSAPaki assist itong si Marivic Compendio na humihingi ng tulong!😢😢😢

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