Misis, inireklamo ang mister na balak pag-aralin ang kanyang bagong kinakasama pero hindi naman makapagsustento sa sariling anak!

Lorina Cobillo, a mother of three, sought help from Raffy Tulfo’s public service program after her former husband failed to support their children for three years.

According to Lorina, her husband is currently working at a candy factory. Before this, her husband worked in Manila, while she worked as an OFW in Kuwait. During the time she was away, the man never gave their childrem financial support. The man also has a new live-in partner that time.

Tulfo contacted Rufino Cobillo, Lorina’s husband, regarding the problem. Rufino said that when he was in Manila, he did not have any decent-earning job. But he now has a better job, though he still earns just a little amount of money, and he promised that he will comply to Lorina’s demand of sending PHP4,000 every month for their children.

But Lorina was not convinced with Rufino’s words. She said that what Rufino said was just an empty promise and once she leaves the country again, Rufino will stopped sending financial support to their children.

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She said that Rufino was actually planning to send his new live-in partner back to school and support her academic finances. Aside from this, when Rufino visited the woman’s family in the province, he told them that they have plans of getting married soon. Lorina said their marriage is not yet annulled and told Rufino how bold of him to plan these things when he cannot even support his children.

Rufino said that whatever rumors Lorina heard were not true. He only earns PHP5,000 every month from his work but he is willing to give PHP4,000 to Lorina and their children. What Lorina wants is for Rufino to stay true to his promise and constantly send money to her children even after she leaves the country again to work in Hong Kong.

Tulfo said that they would bring the matter to the barangay where the two of them would be asked to sign an agreement. The agreement would state that the PHP4,000 will be send directly to Lorina by Rufino’s employer. If Rufino failed to comply to their agreement, Tulfo threatened him that they would do the necessary actions and he might be sent behind bars afterwards.

Rufino responded and assured Tulfo that he will comply to the agreement because he is aware of what Tulfo is capable of.


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