Si Mister, hinayaan raw maghirap ang kanyang asawa habang may bagong kotse si number two!

Buenafe Gutierrez’s marriage with her husband Eric crumbled and hit the rock bottom when the husband cheated on her wife and left her with his new woman named Ethel Sapod. Despite being separated, Buenafe is still expecting Eric to help her in raising their children. Unfortunately for her, she was not getting enough help as the money Eric is earning in Qatar is not enough.

Worse, it was actually Ethel who gives them the money from Eric. Now, Buenafe thinks that Ethel is controlling the money that they should have from Eric.

She went to Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to complain about this. According to Buenafe, Eric had a family with Ethel now and is currently jobless in Qatar after he was terminated from his job. Still, Eric did not give them sufficient money when he was earning big as a master electrician, she said.

In a phone interview, Eric denied Buenafe’s allegations and said he has been sending money monthly. He reasoned out too that he has other bills to pay, hence the “insufficient” money that he has been sending.

Buenafe then said that Eric has been prioritizing his mistress over them and questioned how Ethel got a Toyota Fortuner while they are still struggling in living every day. Eric then said that Ethel has her own vegetable retail business.

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Ethel also responded through a phone interview and said that Buanafe has been making stories. She said that she pitied Buenafe’s children so she was the one who gave money to them. She got frustrated that she has been helping her but she is getting nothing but accusations and expletives.

She also said that Buenafe has an attitude problem and attributed that as the reason why Eric left her for him. Ethel also said she is ready to face Buenafe is she wants to see her in court as an attempt to put her behind bars.

Raffy said that Ethel and Eric can be put behind bars for the sole basis that the marriage of Buenafe an Eric is still not annulled so their relationship is legally illegal. Buenafe and her daughter also said that they want to put Eric behind bars for not supporting them financially.

Raffy then vowed that we will do everything that he can to help the two.

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