Isang Kapatid Na Sukob Ang Kasal, Sinunog Ang Wedding Gown

Sukob is a superstitious belief that our ancestors had believed for many years, with some still believing it to this date. It comes in its many forms and conditions and has changed vastly according to one’s culture and regional location as well. The common denominator of it all, is that siblings or family members in general must not marry in the same year. In the version of the 2006 thriller film that starred Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto, the wedding bane was also inflicted to those people who decide to wed within the same year a family member crosses over to heaven.

Lea got married September 20 0f 2016, but they had been experiencing a string of unfortunate events. She had felt like she was the luckiest woman in the planet because she was finally spending the rest of her forever with the love of her life, only to be met by so many other mishaps after. It ranged from being in debt, to acquiring several ailments amongst others. When she was pregnant, she began seeing things that did not seem were from this Earth. She then said that she even saw a nun.

Lea’s in law then shared a story about the time when she was coming home and a the woman had told her that during the wedding, some other entity was there as well. This freaked her out when she realized and it had finally occurred to her that her brother had married 8 days after her, making them fall under “sukob” as the elderly call it.

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However, unlike Lea, Eleno was not falling under unfortunate events but rather great things kept happening to him time and again. The siblings were in polar opposites of the spectrum.

Lea just wanted for the whole thing to end and that is why she consulted the help of a folklore investigator, Joseph Barredo, in order to get tips on how to make it end. The tips were rather easy to accomplish.. They had to put the wedding gown in flames and down to ashes. Yep. And so she did.

Here are some of the comments from the Netizens which are rather mixed.

Sa Diyos po magtiwala… Sukob din kasal nmin ng brother ni husband. Never did once kami nag blame sa sukob na yan sa personal issues, healths. 21 years later, married pa rin kmi… graduate college anak nmin and are successful sa careers. Sila nga nasa US na. Napalago din nmin trucking business. God knows best for all of us for He is loving and merciful!


Aysus kung saan saan namamasyal si the nun!

Regards po daw sa folklore investigator. Pa-arbor din sa Ravenclaw scarf. Salamat

When there is doubt and takot ka sa paligid, stream iridescence.



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Source: GMA

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