Taxi Driver na Naningil Kada Pasahero, Huli Sa Video

The taxi drivers are at it again with their blatant contracts for scams that always try to reason out to get away with should the moment call for them facing the dire consequences of their thirst for money.

It is sadly a common thing for taxi drivers to ask for much more than the meter, or even refuse to turn the meter on completely making you agree to a fixed fare regardless of how close the distance is or how light the traffic could be.

We have all experienced this, or at the very least know someone who has. It is probably why several people would prefer to go and use Grab because taxi drivers have the habit of extorting people for money most especially when there is an obvious scarcity of vehicles. Ultimately, every ride should be metered and paid accordingly. A tip is appreciated but never dictated or agreed upon.

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A netizen named Lea Coronel had a very familiar tale to tell about her experience with an unbelievably greedy taxi driver. When they boarded his cab, he switched on the meter and acted as if he was a law abiding citizen who was doing right by his job. Little did they know that he was already brewing up ways to trick them into paying more. When they had arrived to their destination which was in Fishermall, Quezon Avenue the meter had read 252 pesos. The driver then told them “Kahit 250 nalang.” So Lea gave him a thousand peso bill and waited for her change. But, the driver had only given her 250 pesos back. Puzzled, Lea had wondered why this was the case and then realized that when the driver said 250 pesos nalang, he meant for each passenger in his cab. There were three of them who rode it.

Very , the lady decided to argue about how unfair this was because it truly wasn’t agreed upon nor was it legal for him to charge them that much. The arrogant driver even sounded like he was the whole victim of the scenario even though he could be reported to the authorities for the little trick he might as well have done several other times.

At the end of it, the driver had demanded to give him 500 pesos instead seemingly making it look like he was the one getting the short end of the stick when in reality he is getting twice as much as he is due to receive.

This is a prime example of the importance of knowing your rights as a passenger. When someone tries to take advantage of you during these trips, gather up evidence and report accordingly.



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Posted by Lea Coronel on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Source: Showbizread

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