BABALA: Mag-ingat sa poste sa mga kalsadang lubog sa baha!

Filipinos are known for our strong resiliency especially when the country is facing a natural like typhoon, earthquake, or any other nature-related unforeseen events. We have this ability to smile despite knowing that our entire house and properties are sunken in flood, we are still capable of joking around even our homes are in a total wreck after a nerve-wracking tremor.

Maybe this is because to look at the positive side and acknowledge the fact that we are still safe, alive, and kicking amidst.

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But of course this resiliency has its own limit as well, especially if we have lost a loved one during a natural typhoon. That is why it is very important to keep an eye to all family members when facing a calamity.

Aside from the possibility of acquiring illness, submerging yourself in flood water is very difficult as the water is open to be a passage of live electric shocks that may cost one’s life.

As the country prepares for an upcoming super typhoon that is said to hit the country anytime soon this week, please take a minute to show this viral video to your family and friends so they could avoid a lamp post during flood at all cost.

In the 1-minute video clip going rounds on social media right now, it shows how innocent lamp post could be especially when it is submerged in flood water.

In the video, it could be seen that a street is in a deep flood of water while a man is trying to cross the knee-deep flood. However, the moment he attempted to hold a lamp post for support as he walks along the water, he immediately falls down on his knees and loses consciousness.

Another man who saw the incident tried to help him, but as soon as he touched the nearby lamp post for support, he also falls down and faints.  Meanwhile, another man came to rescue and attempted to help the two lamp post victim but he also committed the same mistake of touching the lamp post and faced the same fate as the two earlier victims.

Apparently, all three men experienced an electric shock through the innocent lamp post submerged in water. Good thing, a resident in a nearby house witnessed what happened and was able to help all three of them.


Make sure to show this video to your family and friends and consider them warned.





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