Ben Tulfo, uminit ang ulo sa palpak na pag-aksyon ng OWWA at sariling ahensya ng isang OFW na minamaltrato ng kanyang amo!

It was a heated day for the resident host of Bitag-Kilos Pronto, Ben Tulfo, as he lost his patience with the government officials who showed their incompetence after they forwarded a complaint filed by the sister of an OFW who has been experiencing maltreatment from her employer in Saudi Arabia.

Sosima Gumatay, the sister of Imelda Telan, sought help from the program to send her sister back home in the Philippines. Imelda was really unfortunate to land herself with an employer who constantly hits her after she flew to Saudi Arabia.

Imelda was being slapped, punched, and even hit with random objects by her female employer. Sosima also said that her sister is not getting enough sleep due to the maltreatment she was experiencing. Aside from this, the employer deducts her salary whenever she commits a mistake.

Sosima told Tulfo that she already sought help from Imelda’s agency, Ascent Skills Human Resources Inc., but did not get any desirable response.

The agency told her that Imelda is still under a contract until December and could not possibly go back home until the contract is not yet finished.

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Tulfo was already losing his composure after hearing the poor OFW’s story. He immediately asked his team to call the agency involved and Imelda herself.

The Bitag team was able to contact Judy Ann Silva, Documentation Staff of Ascent Skills Human Resources Inc.. She said that based on their last update with Imelda, she and her employer had an agreement in the labor office which states that Imelda will only be allowed to go home on December 24. Aside from that, she will also receive a salary increase of PHP1,000. What the employer wants is for Imelda to finish her contract first before leaving. Silva insisted that they had been communicating with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) regarding Imelda’s case.

In a pre-recorded interview with Imelda herself, she narrated her experiences with her employer. The maltreatment she had endured had already manifested physically on her body.

She kept on begging for help because she was too afraid that her employer might do something worse to her.

“Sir, gusto ko nang umuwi, Sir. Para niyo nang awa, Sir. Hindi ko po kaya, Sir. I-rush niyo na po na makaalis na po ako ngayon, Sir. Sana po, Sir. Para maipahinga ko ‘tong katawan ko,” Imelda pleaded.

Bitag also got a hold of Shiela Aguilar, from the Advocacy and Social Marketing Division of OWWA, but Tulfo was not impressed on how she handled the situation as she just explained the general procedure that OFWs and relatives of OFWs can do in case something like Imelda’s situation occurred.

Tulfo assured that they would do the necessary actions as soon as possible.
Watch the full episode here:

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