WATCH: Mister na winawaldas ang pera sa ibang babae na nakilala lang sa social media, sinumbong kay Raffy Tulfo!

A mother of 8 seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband who did not just fail to give them financial support but also having an affair with Other woman he just met on social media.

According to Adela Sornillo, her husband Rolando who works as a bus driver would spend all his salary to his Other woman identified as Ailyn Magno. Apparently, one of their children discovered about the affair when he saw Rolando and Ailyn’s exchange of messages.

They also found several receipts of money transfer proving that the family’s patriarch is sending money to Ailyn ranging from P700 to P2,700 consistently.

When the program contacted the alleged Other woman, she revealed that when he met Rolando on social media the latter said he does not have a family. She only found out about his family when Rolando’s daughter messaged her.

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Since then, Ailyn said that she already cut her communication with Rolando and even lectured him to look after his family. The alleged Other woman also denied asking money from Rolando and revealed that he is the one voluntarily sending money to her even if they have not met in person.


“Alam mo hindi naman kita masisi dito dahil ang asawa ko talaga dito ang may kasalanan… pero ikaw tanggap ka naman ng tanggap ng pera, ayos ka!” Adela told Ailyn.

The alleged Other woman got emotional while apologizing to the legal wife and offered to pay all the money as soon as she has secured a decent job.


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