Lalaki at Ang Kanyang Dalawang Asawa, Sa Iisang Bubong Nagsasama. Ang Dalawa Niyang Misis, Magkasundo Raw.

Who are we to judge people who found harmony amidst a situation that would be often labeled as chaotic, at least those who see the view from the outside? Sure people have a way of surprising others with the way the can tolerate things that others simply cannot and they also sure know how to get into these situations as well for some reason.

Case in point: There is a man who lives with his two wives under the same roof as all his children from both of these women. How would that make you feel?

As a legal wife and a mother, it can understandably be difficult to be under the same roof as your husband and mistress. Sure we’ve seen this scenario over several television drama series that we watch during prime time because it inevitably makes up for some entertaining content, but what happens when it becomes somebody’s reality?

This bunch seem to be perfectly cool with the situation they are in. Perhaps it goes on to show that not everybody is wired the same way. Some are just more accepting and perhaps even more open minded than the others.

They can also be more adaptive and tolerant of the situation than what the urgency of it all totally calls for. Which, is unsettling if we are all being honest.

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The man lives in Butuan City, Philippines and lives a harmonious life with good relationships with both of his wife. The two women are said to get along fine as well.

With the first wife, the husband has 7 children in total. This woman is the one he married legally. On the other hand, the second woman or rather the mistress as we may call her is a 42 year old woman who decided to stay with him regardless of his current status.

According to them, the first few days were tough but they all learned to adjust in the end. Several netizens who may imagine the certain situation still get bewildered at the thought of having to “share” the man who vowed to be loyal to you for the rest of his life. But the three remain unfazed by what the general public has got to say in their situation to which they have found cozy and gotten used to by now.

As long as the three are happy then who are we to try and complicate things for them?

Lalaki Dalawa Asawa Sa Loob Ng Kanyang Bahay!

Lalaki Dalawang Asawa Sa Loob Ng Bahay!Video by RMN DXBC Butuan 693

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