Lalaking Mahilig Kumain ng Instant Noodles At Magpuyat, Nagkaroon ng 16 na Sakit!

Our mothers and teachers have warned us for the longest time to eat instant noodles in moderation. The meal may be a tasty and instant treat for several of us who live pay check to pay check but in the long run it could prove to me more detrimental than it was a relief temporarily and in the said moment.

It certainly comes in convenient as well for those who do not have the time to prepare and cook their meals. It is definitely one of the favorite food of those who are always on the go. One simply pours hot water over it, wait 3 minutes, pour the water out, add seasoning and eat! It is the most simple go to lunch or dinner of its kind and could easily fit into the lifestyles of many people. It could also be easily forgotten that food seasoned with preservatives is not always a good thing, especially when done with a lack of moderation. Sure, people are often left with no choice because it truly is a hassle free meal for most of the time. But perhaps this story would change or at least affect your decision the next time you feel like opening a pack of instant noodles.

This man, who is identified as Peng Fei was diagnosed with a total of 16 dire ailments that sprung from his unhealthy eating habits. He primarily guessed that something must have been wrong after he experienced severe pain and other symptoms like the yellowing of his skin and reddening of his eyes. This had prompted him to consult a doctor to figure out what was wrong with him so that he may correct his condition before it was too late.

It was then revealed by several experts that his excessive eating of unhealthy junk food–including those instant noodles we were discussing earlier on–had resulted into a liver dysfunction.

Medical examinations had then showed that he has 16 different conditions that primarily and generally fall into the following illnesses: liver failure, micronodular cirrhosis, intra-abdominal infection, high potassium, pleural effusion or cholecystitis among the others.

Doctors had also explained that his liver can only perform about a third of its intentional function meaning that Peng Fei easily acquired several illnesses because of the organs affected by this disruption.

Peng Fei then shared his habit of eating instant noodles whenever he felt like he could not spare more than a few minutes into the day, he also had a habit of staying up extra late and was a regular cigarette smoker as well. This went on for several years until his body finally had enough and asked for help.

One must remember that prevention is always better than cure and it is always best to start the soonest time possible. It’s important to stay hydrated and perhaps stick with cereals or better yet fruits!


Source: TNP

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