Anim Na Holdaper, Nauto Ng May-ari Ng Tindahan!

GMA News recently shared a rather funny news discussion over their social media platforms including Facecbook. The news? A man trying to rob a store got nabbed because the owner was a smooth talking no fuss salesman. The news pulication wrote in its Facebook caption “Dahil sa “matamis” na pananalita ng may-ari ng isang e-cigarette shop sa Charlerio, Belgium, naaresto ang anim na lalaking balak sana siyang holdapin.”

The incident happened in Charlerio Belgium and involved six armed men who were more than ready to rob the shop and declared a hold up during one of its hours of operation.

The owner of the shop however, instead of fearing for his life or becoming intimidated bravely talked to the hold uppers and convinced them that the best time to rob him was during night time. He went on to explain that if they robbed him and it was during night time, they would get more money because his store generates more during that time.

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Surprisingly enough, the hold upper had agreed to him and exited the shop peacefully. This gave the shop owner to have ample time to contact the police and authorities.

The most astonishing part of the whole thing was that the hold upper did in fact get back to shop during the night time where he and the shop owner had agreed that was the best time to rob the store. This time, however, he came alone and assumingly the men who were with him prior to this incident had realized they were in trouble, but not him. He did not seem to know that until very much later after he decided to come back to the same store hours later.

Several of the netizens who were able to read and watch the clip were having a good time commenting about how funny it is over the comment section below.

For example, one user named Tin Diaz wrote on her comment “At bumalik pa talaga yung anim na bobong holdaper hahaha” While Jaypee Dangpayan Mangaoang had some rather misplaced patraotism saying in his, “Jan kau talo sa mga holdaper n pinoy. Haha. Dapat ung boss nila maghire ng pinoy holdaper haha. Sosyal nakapag abroad p sana mga holdaper d2 n since birth ang yrs of experience. Buset haha”

It is pretty hard to believe that this has happened in real life but it has!

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Watch the full video here:

Source: GMA

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