Basahin ang mga nakakaaliw na transaksyon ng isang online seller sa kanyang mga customers!

Online selling has become a trend especially for the business-minded people. Instead of spending time and effort in going to the malls to shop, people have now started to rely on online shopping as it is not as time consuming and one could do it at the comfort of their own homes. All you need is an internet connection and credible online seller.

But there’s also a downside to online transactions between the seller and the potential customers. Since they do not have personal interactions, both of them relied on describing the items they sell and the items they need, especially when it comes to apparels like clothes and shoes. Since they cannot see the items in person, costumers have to make sure that they order the right item or else their money would just go to waste.

Thus, online transaction is prone to miscommunication, and sometimes, hilarious conversations.

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A Facebook page called JD’s Kicks PH posted a series of messages screenshots with a caption:

“Mga masasayang sandali sa mga naginquire at iba naging customers dito.

Katuwaan lang po. Godbless Kickers! Enjoy sa pagbasa! And Happy Shopping”



In one of the screenshots, a costumer asked for the price of the shoes. The seller told him that the price is PHP2,700 with free delivery. The costumer then replied “its all 5400.” The seller got confused. The costumer then asked if PHP2,700 is the price of the pair of shoes or just the other half. The seller replied, “Malamang dalawa na sir. Walang nagbebenta ng kanan lang or kaliwa lang.”

In another conversation, the costumer was asking for a pair of shoes which is “slim feet” in size because he said that his feet are thin.

Most of the costumers do not know their shoe sizes so they opt to send a picture of their foot in the hopes that the seller could distinguish their size. But the seller just kept on telling them that it is impossible to determine their size based on photos.

Many netizens commented and laughed at the posts, while some felt upset by the seller’s responses. But the admin of JD’s Kicks PH assured them that he is in good terms with the said costumers and it’s really just the way he communicates with them. As of writing, it already gained 32K likes and reactions, 17k comments, and 65.8K shares on Facebook.

Here are some of the comments:

“Is it just me? Parang ang rude and unprofessional nya sumagot sa buyers… yung iba dun alam naman kung ano ibig sabihin mali lang ang spelling kaso binara pa.. SOME of the sellers responses lang ha.. Diko sinabing lahat dahil nakakatawa naman talaga yung iba.”

“picturan mo rin sana yung sapatos tapos ipadala mo sa costumer mo para malaman kung kasya.”

“Salamat JD’s Kicks PH dahil pinasaya mo ang araw ng linggo ko…:



Source: Facebook

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