German national, nangangalakal na lamang ngayon matapos iwanan ng asawang Pinay!

People will always find a way to make their life easier without really doing much. This is the reason why there is always a running joke among Filipinos to resort in marrying foreigners just to avoid the hassle and exhaustion of working for a living on their own. But in some cases, this scenario really do exist. Just take a look at what happened to this German national who was left by her Filipina wife after spending all his money.

A netizen named Anja Wiberg posted photos on Facebook together with a caption summarizing the story of the said German national.

The German is named Kristoff and he is 49 years old. Based on the story, he used to lived with his Filipina wife for 8 years until the woman left him when he ran out of money. Now that he does not have any money to survive, he was forced to scavenge from the trash for items that he could sell.

In one of the photos, Kristoff was seen shirtless while carrying a sack filled with rummages and a carton box, roaming on the streets. According to the sources, he is currently staying in a small chapel in Mandaue City.

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After knowing the unfortunate story of Kristoff, many netizens reacted and expressed their frustration towards his wife who just abandoned him. Most of them dubbed the woman as a gold digger. Some of them attempted to offer help but based on the story, Kristoff oftentimes shy away from the people.

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions:

“Kawawa naman. Kung malapit ka lang samin don nalang kita patirahin, kahit minsan walang maulam. Bakit may tao na piniperahan lang ang kapwa.”

“Walang manloloko Kung walang nagpapaloko. Kaya mag-ingat. Pilipino man o ibang lahi. Kung manloloko, manloloko talaga!”

“This german national must be smarter than his wife. Could’ve not allowed himself to become scavenger. There must be a deeper reason with him.”

“If he really wants to go home then all he has to do is go to the German Embassy which definitely will be more than willing to help him go back to Germany!”

“I don’t think n gusto nyang bumalik dito sa Germany, kc sabi lng nya sa German Gov’t na babalik sya and the German Gov’t will immediately provide assistance at I’m sure alam nya yan. Sa napaka hitech nating pnahon ngayon mdali na masolusyonan to kung gugustuhin tlaga nya… It’s like i have the feeling that it’s his choice to stay. (Feeling ko lng ha)..”

One of the netizens who commented on the post claimed that she is Anja Wiberg and said that Kristoff does not really want to go home in his country.


Source: Kami

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