Nakikiramay ang Malacañang sa pagyao ni Rico J. Puno

The well loved Rico J. Puno moved on to greener pastures, this Tuesday morning prompting the surprise of many Filipinos who were influenced by his role in the OPM industry. Among those who expressed their condolences was the Palace of Malacañang.

In a press release stated by the presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo, the man stated that Rico J. Puno had great contributions to the music industry. “We express our condolences to a legend that is Rico J. Puno. He has contributed a lot in the music industry,” he said during the said press briefing.

Furthermore, Salvador Panelo had also expressed that Rico J. Puno was indeed a personal friend with whom the Palace official had a duet with in a show some four years ago or so.

“Personally I feel sad. We had a duet I think must be four years ago in my show. He is a personal friend,” said Salvador Panelo in the press statement.

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The Malacañang then paid tribute to the late singer for being one of the considered legends of the music industry.

Rico J. Puno was actually born as Enrico de Jesus Puno and has become an icon throughout the ages for his impeccable and distinct songs that paved way for the rise of original pinoy music or OPM as we know it better. Some of his most famous songs are “Kapalaran,” “May Bukas Pa,” and Magkasuyo Buong Gabi.” He also had lighter themed songs that the general public thoroughly enjoyed for its humor and is played across regions even today. One of this songs is the funny “Macho Gwapito.”

The Palace was not the only one to send and express their sincerest condolences as several people in the music industry were also vocal of his contributions and influence in the Pinoy Music industry. Among others are Ms. Lea Salonga and Zsa Zsa Padilla respectively. Both female artists expressed how their childhoods were once filled with the unique humour of his songs.

The news was broken out by Rico J. Puno’s sister in law, Anna Puno who took to Instagram to talk about the heartbreak of Rico J. Puno passing over and coming home to the heavens. “I cannot help but say it was serendipitous that Starmedia prepared a solo 40th Anniversary concert for him and a US tour with the OPM stalwarts and colleagues just recently. Little did I know that this is his Final Bow in the live entertainment world. We will forever miss the TOTAL ENTERTAINER…but his songs will forever cherish in our hearts,” she wrote in the said post.


Source: GMA , ManilaTimes

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