San Juan, La Union Ginagawa Na Ring Cesspool ng Turista

Filipinos and tourists may seem to love the beach and claim that they do at least, but evidences show otherwise. It seems that the only thing these people love are their Instagram selfies, Instagram stories, the drinking by the shore and everything else that might happen during the vacation. They do not care for the beautiful work of mother nature one bit. Boracay may have been just rehabilitated after becoming a cesspool due to the tourists lack of empathy to the place. This left it with so much trash scattered about that it had needed rehabilitation in 6 months totality.

When it closed down, several people had decided to go to other beaches for their fun, unfortunately for La Union it became one of the most accessible places – only a 4 hour drive away from Manila. It became a tourist attraction –more so than it already was—in an instant. The aftermath? Heartbreaking.

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It seems that people do not ever learn as a video surfaced recently over the internet showing just how dirty the place has become with several wastes and trash scattered about its shores that it truly was a heartbreaking sight. There had been a La Union Surfing Break event that happened over the weekend of October 26, so of course several people flocked to the scene because well, they have a fear of missing out. The place almost looked helpless.

This was already the 13th edition and year of the said event but none of those prior years had left the scene like this. Men who had too many drinks, scattered about the shore alongside the litters and piles of trash they do not seem to mind enough that they would pick it up and throw it away. These people seemed oblivious and downright irresponsible at that.

Netizens were fuming at the sight. Angela Gutierrez said “Di man lang sila nandiri kung gaano kadumi surrounding nila? My goodness!” while Nadeen Tanyag went on to agree saying “Paano nila natitiis mag stay jan tapos ganyan kakalat?” “Kahit super duper daming trash bins na nasa paligid nung surfbreak wala pa rin! Tsk! Kailan kaya tayo titino?” asked Briana Mari. “Nakakaawa ang Pilipinas, mukhang di na tayo magbabago. Dati Boracay tapos La Union naman ngayon. Pano na ba to! Umayos naman sige na!” reacted Hannah Soliven.

Several other Netizens went on to talk about the lack of discipline and the empathy people who visited had for the place. Respect for the place, they demanded.



Watch the full video here:

Welcome to the Phil 😂 5:30am aftermath of surfbreak 😭 (a short video of how disciplined we pinoys are)Look how clean it is 😕 you feel me ay? I wanted to upload the other vids and pics pero baka mag rant lang kayo sa sobrang linis promise 😂 #Discipline

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