Anino na kaluluwa di umano ng isang pulis, nakuhanan sa CCTV!

It was last September 10 when a CCTV footage caught a shadow passing by a police station in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija. Beth, a widow, felt something after watching the footage as she believes that it was the spirit of her late husband, Sgt. Ricardo Alvaro. Even the officers in the police station think that the shadow was a lost soul.

Alvaro already knew what he wanted to be back when he was little–to be a police officer. This has become his source of income to provide for his family.

One might say that Alvaro is a really organized police officer. At the age of 55, Alvaro retired after two decades of service due to the request of his family. But Alvaro left his job with hesitation and a heavy heart. After retiring, Alvaro seemed to had lost his energy and desire for life. His body gradually grew weak and he always spent his time inside his room.

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But after hearing the news of his child going home from abroad, Alvaro was back in his normal self. He even volunteered to cook for his family one day. But Alvaro did not eat the food he had prepared, instead complained about the pain he was feeling at his nape. Beth grew concerned about his husband’s condition but Alvaro thought that it was nothing serious. He just decided to rest.

But that night, Beth found his husband not breathing anymore. On October 12, 2016, Alvaro lost his life.

Almost two years after Alvaro left the world, a CCTV footage became viral on the internet. In the video clip, a shadow was seen walking in front of a police station and stopping at a police mobile. After a while, the shadow entered the compact police station.

Beth had a feeling that it was the soul of his husband because he used to drive the said police mobile parked in the police station where he used to work. Even the officers assigned in the said station think that there is a possibility that Alvaro could be the shadow lurking around the area since some of them had experienced something mysterious and eerie during their duty late at night. Some of their experiences include a sudden gush of cold wind or objects moving on their own.

Even Alvaro’s family had been experiencing his alleged presence inside their own house.

The Rated K team sought help from paranormal experts to investigate the house of Alvaro’s family. Both of them agreed that Alvaro’s soul is still looming in their home because they believe that he still could not accept what happened to him.



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