Chinese national, sinabuyan ng mainit na sabaw ang isang waitress sa restaurant sa Malate!

A netizen shared her unfortunate encounter with a rude Chinese national in a restaurant.

Marilaine Joanna Garcia Jarina posted the incident last October 15 on her Facebook page together with some photos and the CCTV footage of what happened.

According to her post, the incident happened around 6:20 AM in Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila. Marilaine works at the restaurant where the said Chinese national, together with her friend were eating at. She said that the said Chinese woman acted rudely towards her and the other employees to the point of her pouring hot soup at them.

Marilaine was injured during the incident because the soup went directly to her eyes.

The Chinese national’s name is Aimi Wang. She is 24 years old and lives at Ongpin, Binondo, Manila.

Based on the CCTV footage that Marilaine posted, the context of the clip is not too clear but it seems like Wang was complaining about the food served to her. Marilaine and the other servers tried to talk to her. Wang then seemingly asked Marilaine to call those employees who cooked the food she was complaining about.

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Marilaine went away and return together with two employees. They did not expect what the woman would do a few seconds later.

She started making a scene in the restaurant by throwing the food on the floor and onto the employees themselves while seemingly reprimanding them. Her friend tried to stop her but she continued on with her inappropriate behavior. In the end, the woman walked out of the restaurant followed by her friend.

Marilaine immediately called the police to apprehend the Chinese woman, but she said that the police helped Wang to escape the police station. They made her pass through the back of the station’s comfort room after a few hours.

But before this happened, Marilaine went straight to a hospital in Manila around 8 AM to have her eyes treated. She waited for 2 hours but no doctor was attending to her needs. The pain in her eyes were gradually worsening as time passed by. The medical staff even told her that there are other patients who had worse than her that needed to be prioritized. It was already 10 AM and still no one was helping her so she decided to return to the station to settle the charges against Wang.

But the police told her that she needed a medical record for the charges to take effect which she found very unfair.

“Bakit po ganon porke ba chinese d natin pwede i hold. Ako pa nga nagtanong kung meron ba passport o visa ang taong un pro ang nga pulis wala lang kung d ko pa na interogate la lang sila pki kc me pera un pano naman ako? Pano nman ang damages na ginawa nia sakn?” said Marilaine in her post.


Watch the full video here:

Posted by Marilaine Joanna Garcia Jarina on Sunday, October 14, 2018


Source: Facebook

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