Magulang Na Ayaw Bigyan Suporta Ang Anak, Posible Nang Mabilanggo!

Great news awaits all the single mothers and fathers who have been staying up late and working double shifts in their jobs to make both ends meet for them and their children! There is nothing short of heroic for being able to play both parental roles in a family that had failed to keep its borders up in the traditional way. Sometimes, a parent simply refuses to take up the responsibility. Sometimes, those parents choose to continue with their old habits without the acknowledgement of a new bundle of joy in their life. In dire times, they even refuse to pay child support — which in its own sense could be ultimately frustating as it is the only redeeming value most parents who refuse to stick around have.

A new bill by Rosena Ann Ocampo a Manila Representative has been filed and awaits to become a law. This bill (House Bill 6079) dictates that parents who fail and refuse to support a legal child without reasonable cause may be nabbed and sent to a correctional facility. This is to further establish Republic Act 9262( Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004) in protecting legal (and acknowledged) children.

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According to reports, the court will be the one that determines how much a parent needs to give as monetary support for the child. This would be given to the parent who has parental authority and legal custody of the child. It is important to note that the law also dictates that until a child reaches 7 years of age, he or she is automatically assigned to his or her mother unless the court deems otherwise.

A parent who refuses to pay the child support will then be punished by the law.

Offenders will then have to pay 25,000 pesos as a penalty and or be put in a correctional facility for at least six months and at most six months and then the lump sum of the amount that was deprived of the child. The second offense will then double both penalty and stay in the facility.

The bill seeks to protect the children and parents because child support stays a senstive issue between couples who decide on living seperate lives. The situation is always aggraviated when one fails to fulfill his financial responsibilities for the child.

“Apart from the emotional trauma, the parent who has custody of the child is left with the difficult task of single handedy raising the child or children.” one representative said.


Source: PinoyJuander

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